Wellness and Health Concierge

People literally spend a lifetime at work! A wellness program at work is the best way to make healthcare a part of your lifestyle. Our wellness programs covers the entire gamut of preventive healthcare and wellness services. What more, all these services are available at significant discounts at a conveniently located network hospital or medical centre.

MediBuddy Infiniti

MediBuddy, your Curated Cashless Network for Outpatient Services allows you to select, compare and book health checks and consultations from exhaustive listings of specialist doctors, trusted diagnostic centres and hospitals. You can also order medicines that will be delivered right to your doorstep by our authorized partners.

Pre-Employment Screening

Our pre-employment screening service allows you to put prospective employees through a detailed health check. Particularly useful if you run a self-funded medical benefits program or cover all employees under a group insurance, we enable pre-employment screening at significantly discounted prices. Our centralized appointment scheduling system ensures that the appointments are booked at the candidate’s convenience and location of choice. Once all the relevant tests and consults are done, our doctor validates the results and couriers the fitness report to you.

Online Health Risk Assessment

The online health risk assessment is a comprehensive questionnaire which evaluates your quality of life and health risks. The personalized wellness report helps uncover potential health risks, which in turn can help you make necessary lifestyle changes to stay healthier.

Employee Health Checks

Most of our workplaces are sedentary settings; our employee health check programs for you and your family focuses on early detection and prevention of ailments. These programs can be customized based on age, gender, periodicity and value of coverage.

Case Management Packages

Our specialized packages for maternity, hypertension, diabetes, etc., provide personalized care for specific health requirements. While our chronic condition management packages help you prevent and/or manage your condition effectively, our maternity package assures moms-to-be of complete care and support during their pregnancy and beyond. Oh! Maternity, our exclusive maternity portal, allows moms-to-be to learn more and also share notes about their journey into motherhood.

Discounted OPD and Specialist Consulting

Our wellness program can also include discounted OPD and speciality consulting services in association with our preferred provider network. This allows you to avail discounts up to 20-25% on routine lab and diagnostic tests, imaging services, dental care procedures, eye care procedures, etc. We also arrange appointments with specialist doctors in cardiology, gynaecology, orthopaedics and more.

Doctor-On-Chat and Nutritionist on Chat

The Doctor-on-Chat and nutritionist-on-chat services brings the health expert to your workplace virtually. This allows you to have a real-time chat with a qualified doctor or nutritionist during working hours from the comfort of your desk.

Health Awareness

At Medi Assist, we believe that health management is an ongoing initiative. Toward this goal, we send out daily health tips, e-mailers and newsletters, and also organize health talks in coordination with the WHO calendar. We also send you timely reminders to make sure that you avail of all unutilized benefits and programs.

Electronic Health Records

You can use your Medi Assist online portal to upload and store your health records in digital format. This gives you easy access to all your health reports, claims details, lab results, prescriptions, etc. without having to carry physical paper copies with you each time you visit the doctor.

Onsite Programs

Our calendar is packed with year-long onsite health initiatives at your workplace. From health camps, vaccination camps, dental and eye check camps to health talks from experts and doctors, we make healthcare an on-going and engaging corporate initiative in your organization.

Onsite Medical Centre

Per your specific requirements, we deploy and manage a roster of doctors, nurses and attendants onsite to handle the primary healthcare as well as pharmacy prescriptions needs of employees. We also undertake inventory management of medicines, consumables and equipment.